Blue Rock – Vallejo, CA

Site Description

Blue Rock is an unregulated site located in Vallejo California. The property is owned by the City of Vallejo and has been set aside for public recreation. This site has been flown regularly since 2008. A USHPA P3 rating is strongly encouraged. P1s and P2s are welcome with an instructor. P2s may fly solo at Blue Rock if they have had at least one day of instruction at the site. A site intro is mandatory for this site.


Depending on wind strength and pilot skill, you can launch from 3 places on the hill, Top, North, or Mid. See Penguin Paragliding Guide for more details. The upper north launch offers smooth launches in all conditions. This launch provides the best options to avoid sinking out, since the long southern traverse presents an opportunity to rise to the ridge-top. This launch typically has a slight crosswind.  Pease note: Pulling your wing up at the top of this launch puts you at risk of being dragged into a nasty rock formation, so you should lift your wing up lower on the slope.

This launch also works for top-landings. However do not attempt to top-land at the upper north launch unless you have strong strong side-hill landing skills.  You should make several passes before attempting to top-land and, if in doubt, fly to the bottom to land.  Deep-flair landings on the top can result in stalling your wing, even in light/moderately smooth evening air.

Landing Zone

There are many LZ options, with minimal turbulence or rotors.  Be aware of large rocks hidden in the brush. As of April 2011, landing is not permitted on Solano College property or parking areas.

Site Notes

  • The conditions are rowdy during the summer season, between noon and 4:00 PM, but summer evenings are typically OK.
  • You can fly in smooth lift until sunset, during the fall.
  • Please fly with caution and follow site guide instructions with local pilots guidance to insure that we can continue to fly at this site
  • Long flights are typical. Land-out options are plentiful, between the primary ridge and Columbus Parkway. There are few top and side-hill landing options.
  • “Active piloting” is required.
  • Launch low on the slope in strong winds.  Stay low and in front of the ridge and watch out for mechanical turbulence.
  • Use the upper launch only in light to moderate winds. Pilots have experienced asymmetric collapses, even in mild/light conditions, due to thermals mixing with wind.
  • The blowback risk is less than at the Channing Hill site, in all wind conditions, but there is more turbulence at Blue Rock.
  • “Whacks” are most common when weather changes are underway (for example, when sea breezes overtake the mid-day thermals).
  • Hike to the upper launch when the wind is calm at the bottom and use the lower launch if you feel a good breeze while hiking up.  Either way, you’ll rise quickly after launch.
  • It is recommended that only four pilots fly the ridge at one time in light conditions, as ridge space is limited. Please be considerate — don’t monopolize the ridge — land and let others fly.
  • Please be courteous, remove trash from the trail, follow the access rules and make sure that others do so, as well.
  • We operate here with the support of the local community so please be respectful to homeowners and hikers.
  • This site also supports grazing cattle. Take caution when making an approach and stay clear of any nearby animals.

Site Guides

General Site Information

Location Blue Rock
Rating requirement Unregulated, P3 Recommended, No HG
Club N/A
Club Website N/A
Flying Type Ridge Soar, Thermal
Optimal season Spring, Fall
Wind Direction WSW-WNW
Optimal PG Speed West at 7-12 MPH, Flyable from 245-308
Weather Links
Communication WOR Telegram Access Link
Number of Launches 3 Launches
Launches Top launch, Mid launch, and North Launch
LZ Refer to Guide
Local Training Schools N/A
Site info Links Penguin Paragliding
Local Site intro Contacts Joel McMinn - 707-you-soar or 707.968.7628
  Rob Black - 707.853.6912
  Joe Cruz - 707.688.5483
  Klaus Schlueter - 415.425.7391
Local Emergency # Primary call 911

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.