Category: SF Bay Area Flying Sites

Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais, located north of San Francisco between Mill Valley & Stinson Beach, is one of the most scenic mountain sites in California. The Marin County Hang Gliding Association (MCHGA) maintains Special Use permits with State and County agencies, to allow hang gliding and paragliding activities on the west side of Mt. Tamalpais, along Bolinas Ridge.

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Ed levin County Park

Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas is suitable for all ratings for PG and HG with significant regulation. Requires a membership with Wings of Rogallo as well as signing an additional parks waiver before flying at Ed Levin.

Ed levin is generally a morning site, with some afternoon flights for more experience pilots when conditions are stronger. Flight expectations for this site is mostly sledders. Thermals are good when conditions are right. Good for Hang gliding and paragliding, used as the local training hill for multiple flight schools.

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Misson Peak

Mission Ridge is open to Advanced-rated (H4/P4) pilots, and Intermediate-rated (H3/P3) pilots with additional provisions, under a special use agreement with the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD). Mission can be flown as a hike-and-fly site, or driven to launch through a restrictive “keyholder” program.

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Mussel Rock at Pacifica (AKA The Dumps)

Mussel Rock is located in Pacifica, CA. It is a popular ridge soaring site in the SF bay area due to its ease of access. Pilots can enjoy long relaxing flights here with views of the Pacific ocean and Golden Gate bridge when it’s clear.

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Stables at Pacifica

The Stables is one of the premier coastal soaring sites in the country between Mussel Rock and just South of Funston. It is a site managed under Wings of Rogallo and is a P3+ site which you will need to be a member of the club, get an introduction and sticker, visit the website for more info. Like Mussel Rock Pilots can fly along the coast to Mussel Rock and up to Fort Funston. You can fly with the sun setting over the Pacific, the Farallon Islands in the distance, and views of the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. The Stable launch is on a lower ridge along the cliff at about 80′ above the beach, so the ideal conditions would need to be stronger than at Mussel to get up, it is soar-able mostly between April and October

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