Channing Hill East bay site – Benicia, CA

Site Description

Channing Hill flying site in the SF East Bay are unregulated and a site intro is highly recommended. The flying sites are able to be flown with East and West winds and recommended that pilots have at least a P3 skill level, but not required. Refer to site guides below for more details about each launch which can have specific hazards to watch out for as well as specific flying instructions for some sites.

Location and Arrival

Channing Hill (access to west and east) is 2 miles SE of Blue Rock. Park at 800 Channing Circle in front of the park. Ideally, please park a little distance for the park to spread out the parking and not clog up any one part of the residential area. Take the stairs up and head to the back of the park and walk up the hill on the center path. You will hike up to the top and over the hill. 

For a site intro, please text: Rob (707) 654 6750

Other Notes:

There are no restroom facilities or food vendors of any kind so please be prepared.


You can be ticketed for parking in wrong places and (not 18” from curb) Park courteous then walk (driving prohibited) the dirt road to left, 200+ yards. 

Pilot Requirements

Although Channing East is an unregulated site, USHPA membership is recommended so that USHPA waivers provide added assurance to land owners. P3 rating is strongly encouraged. P1s and P2s are welcome if they have an instructor present. P2s may fly solo at Channing if they have had at least one day of instruction at the site.  

Site Launch Guides

Site Information & Resources

LocationChanning Circle Park,
 832 Channing Circle Benicia, CA 94510
Rating requirementUnregulated, P3+ recommended
Club WebsiteN/A
Flying TypeThermal, Ridge Soar
Optimal seasonEast Wind in Winter
East Launch DirectionE, ESE, ENE
Speed7-12 MPH Flyable from 45-135
West Launch DirectionWSW, NNW
Speed7-12 MPH Flyable from 242-349
 Gerry Pez Weather
 Weather Cam
CommunicationWOR Telegram Access Link
Number of Launches3 Launches
LaunchesChanning East
 Channing West
 Gateway (Training hill)
Local Training SchoolsPenguin Paragliding
Site info
 Channing Hill Site Guide (Google doc)
 West launch guide from Penguin Paragliding
 East launch guide from Penguin Paragliding
Local Emergency #Primary call 911

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.