Dunlap North at Mt Sampson Site

Site Description

The Dunlap North at Mt Sampson is a mountain flying site at the edge of the Sierras 38 miles east of Fresno. Site is near the town of Dunlap, California. The primary launch is near the top of Mt. Sampson, which overlooks the Dunlap valley, and the landing zone is in the southern part of the valley. There is a newer launch (called Dunlap North at Mt Sampson) and new landing (called Dunlap South LZ). The club does not authorize you to take off or land at the old locations. Please familiarize yourself with this site prior to attempting to launch.

Dunlap North at Mt Sampson is  a P3 and H3 rated site. Be aware that the distance on a dead glide from launch to landing (7:1) requires the ability to thermal in a mountain setting. Consider the conditions of the day before you launch and take note of the pilot skills and the environmental factors of this site guide when making your decision.

Please read: CCHPC Dunlap Guide Link

Note: You must sign the online waiver, become a member of our club, be able to show validation that you are a current USHPA member, be properly rated, and prepared to launch and land at Dunlap North and the Dunlap South LZ. Annual club members will be given gate combinations to fly, while temporary members must be accompanied by a full member to gain access.

Site Management

The CCHPC manages this flying site. For your first flight please contact a club officer or local to help familiarize yourself with the necessary information to maintain good relationships with the land owners. link to club below

Site Information & Resources

LocationCamp Sequoia Highland
Rating requirementH3, P3
Club Website cchpc.club
Flying Type Thermal, Mountain
Optimal seasonSpring/Summer
Wind DirectionW, WNW, WSW
Optimal PG Speed5-8 mph, gusts to 12 mph
Optimal HG Speed10-12mph, gusts to 17 mph
Weather LinksWindy.com
Winds Aloft
CommunicationWOR Telegram Access Link
Number of Launches1 Launches
LaunchGPS 37.76940N -119.1014299
LZ1 Main LZ, 40320 Dunlap Road, Dunlap CA 93621, GPS 36°46’9.25″N 119° 6’7.34″W
LZ landowner Verna 559-203-2877 Contact prior to flying with a text.
If you need a driver she is a great resource for this.
Local Training Schools N/A
Site info LinksDunlap Site Link
Local Emergency #Primary call 911

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.