Misson Peak

Site Description

Mission Ridge and Monument peak is located in Fremont, CA with a wide view of South Bay from Monument Peak. Mission Ridge is run by Wings of Rogallo, refer to their site guide for rules and regulations on flying the site as well as additional important details. Launch is located below monument peak where you’ll share the summit airspace with hawks, golden eagles, and vultures. You can hike-and-fly which is the most common, or drive to launch through a restrictive “keyholder” program.

The site is open only to Advanced-rated (H4/P4) pilots, and Intermediate-rated (H3/P3) pilots with additional provisions. WOR has a special use agreement with the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD). Mission can be flown as a ridge soaring site, thermal site, or both depending on conditions. Parking can be challenging on the weekends so arrive early, additional parking is available at the Stanford Avenue Staging Area at the end of Stanford Avenue, but make sure you read the signs, parking enforcement is very strict.

Site Information & Resources

Location680 Stanford Ave, Fremont, CA 94539
Rating requirementH4, P4, (H3, P3 with provisions)
ClubWings of Rogallo
Club Website https://www.wingsofrogallo.org/
Flying Type Thermal, Mountain, Ridge soar
Optimal seasonMarch to mid-September
Wind DirectionW, NW, WSW
Optimal PG SpeedMinimum wind speed 0 MPH
Ideal wind speed is 8 MPH
Maximum wind speed is 20 MPH (for advanced pilots only who are comfortable with strong winds).
Optimal HG SpeedMinimum wind speed 0 MPH
Ideal wind speed is 15 MPH
Maximum wind speed is 25 MPH
Weather LinksMission webcam
Oakland sounding
National Weather Surface Area Forecast Discussion 
NWS Point Forecast
CommunicationWOR Telegram Access Link
Number of Launches1 Launch
LaunchLaunch map
LZ1 Main LZ, Top land launch allowed
Local Training Schools N/A
Site info LinksMission Site link
Local Emergency #Primary call 911

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.