Mt. Tamalpais

Site Description

Mt. Tamalpais is one of the most scenic flying sites in California, launching from the West side of the mountain, you’ll get a panoramic view of the Pacific ocean and more as you head towards the landing zone at Stinson Beach. The site is located just north of San Francisco crossing over the Golden Gate bridge, between Mill Valley & Stinson Beach. Even if you are not able to fly the state park has plenty of scenic hiking trails all over the mountain all the way down to Stinson Beach to keep you busy. The flying site itself is rated INTERMEDIATE H3 and P3 for pilots.

The local club for Mt. Tam is Marin County Hang Gliding Association (MCHGA). They maintain a special use permit with State and County agencies, to allow hang gliding and paragliding activities on the west side of Mt. Tamalpais, along Bolinas Ridge. There are three launch sites facing generally south to west, all at about 2000 ft. MSL. You must get a sign off or become a member to fly here, visit the club site below for how you can fly here.

Refer to club website for site details, rules, and regulations. All pilots are responsible for following and enforcing the respective site rules. Review the rules here from the MCHGA Hanglider rules link , Paraglider rules link.

Please visit the MCHGA website here for more information about the site before flying.

Site Information & Resources

LocationMt Tamalpais, CA
Rating requirementH3, P3
Club Website
Flying Type Sledders, Thermal
Optimal seasonWinter, Spring
Launch ALaunch conditions full table
Min wind speedHG & PG: 0 mph
Ideal wind speedHG: 20 mph
PG: 15 mph
Launch BLaunch conditions full table
Min wind speedHG & PG: 0mph
Ideal wind speedHG & PG: 10 mph
Launch CLaunch conditions full table
Min wind speedHG & PG: 0 mph
Ideal wind speedHG & PG: 10 mph
Weather Links
CommunicationWOR Telegram Access Link
Number of Launches3 Launches
LaunchLaunch info
LZWalla Vista
Local Training Schools N/A
Site info LinksSite rules
Local contact
for intros and sign offs
David Beerman: Mill Valley
(415) 323-0147*
Local Emergency #Primary call 911

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.