Stables at Pacifica


The Stables is one of the premier coastal soaring sites in the country between Mussel Rock and just South of Funston. It is a site managed under Wings of Rogallo and is a P3+ site which you will need to be a member of the club, get an introduction and sticker, visit the website for more info. Like Mussel Rock Pilots can fly along the coast to Mussel Rock and up to Fort Funston. You can fly with the sun setting over the Pacific, the Farallon Islands in the distance, and views of the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. The Stable launch is on a lower ridge along the cliff at about 80′ above the beach, so the ideal conditions would need to be stronger than at Mussel to get up, it is soar-able mostly between April and October

Note: The area is owned by the GGNRA, and WOR members are allowed to fly through a special use agreement. A P3 with site intro and signed waiver is required to fly here.  See the site procedures for additional information.


Same as Mussel Rock when soar-able has very good consistent conditions, but not without many hazards like blowback, water, other inexperienced pilots, drones, hang gliders, and more. Always be alert to changing conditions like wind direction and speed, and before you fly check the tides as well since it would limit your landing options.


Blowbacks are common here, but preventable with good judgement, you can read this guide by Airtime San Francisco for more details. There have been fatalities due to blowback, it is a big risk in strong conditions. Behind the ridge there is a major highway, power lines, and populated areas in neighborhoods. Pilots need to keep an eye on the weather conditions especially out on the water for things like white caps building up, Pilot air/ground speed, etc… to make the right judgement whether to launch and when to land.

When unsure if you should launch in high wind conditions, consider that if you can not kite your wing in the current conditions, then maybe you should not fly. Also if there are no other pilots in the air that is also a good sign that it may not yet be flyable either.

Water Hazards

It should be obvious that the ocean is a major hazard when flying here, great to fly against the back drop of the vast Pacific, but it is also something to keep in mind when flying at the Stable. Pilots should always carry a hook knife when flying this site. During high tide, the site has very limited or no beach landing options between the launch and Fort Funston. Pilots unfamiliar with the area are recommended not to fly during high tide even if conditions look good. If conditions change and turn too light to maintain, which it does happen often, it makes it very dangerous when out on the ridge. Going out to the ridge with limited landing options can pose significant risk.

Landing near the water is also a big risk, if your wing on the ground gets caught by a wave or lands in the wave, it will pull you out.

Site Information & Resources

LocationLaunch is along the cliff, on a plateau, about 80′ above the beach.
Location Link:Site info
Rating requirementP3+
ClubWings of Rogallo
Club WebsiteSite info
Flying TypeRidge Soaring
Weather LinksFly Pacifica
 GerryPez Weather Alert
 Mr.Robert Parker
 Cheetah Webcam
Mussel Bowl webcam 
Fog Today
Site DescriptionRidge soaring site between Funston and Mussel Rock
CommunicationWOR Telegram Access Link
Wind DirectionWSW – NW
Wind SpeedMin 7mph, Ideal: 12mph
Maximum: 20mph
# of Launches1 Launch
LaunchSee Site info
intro infoSite info
Local Emergency #Primary call 911 or 650-364-1313 (San Mateo EMS)
Local Emergency ServicesKaiser Permanente South San Francisco (16 min) 1200 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 742-2511
Zuckerberg San Francisco General – Trauma Level I (19 min) 1001 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110 (628) 206-8000
Emergency Radio Channel147.495

Location Map

Note: Location shown is of the general area of the site. Refer to official guides or local pilots get more details.